Overland Drawer System

Big Country 4x4 designs and manufactures overland drawer systems suited for SUVs and covered pickup beds. Their drawers typically offer the largest storage in the smallest space. Big country 4x4 achieves this by designing each drawer customized to a specific model vehicle. This results in no turnbuckles, no drilling*, optimal use of space and bolted connections to your vehicle.   

Savute Drawers are daily driver compatible SUV drawers. They are carpeted inside and on top, lockable & slide out to their full length. These pioneering drawers are designed for exact vehicle fitment: no drilling* and very effective use of space. Most models are supplied with dividers and trays. Very easy to add a fridge drawer and remove between trips for a useful balance between daily-driver and overlanding operating modes. 

Combo Drawers are suited for dedicated SUV overlander builds. Made to fit the load areas perfectly they use existing mounting points: no drilling! These lockable overland drawer systems accommodate 80/90L National Luna fridges with incorporated fridge slides. They feature removable side panels to access additional wheel arch packing space. 

* Land Rover Defender (Tdi/Td5/Puma) Savute Drawers require drilling due to lack of seat belt fixture bolts in the load area